Three Ideas for a Drop-Off Helicopter Tour

26 September 2022
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When you think about taking a helicopter tour, you might think about boarding the helicopter, traveling around a scenic area for a specific amount of time, and then returning to where you started. This type of tour is highly popular, but it's not the only option that many helicopter tour companies have available. Depending on where you're looking to book this unique method of transportation, you'll often find companies that offer drop-off tours. This means that your helicopter will take you to a specific location, leave you there for a short period of time, and then return to get you. Here are three exciting ideas for a drop-off helicopter tour.

Marriage Proposal

If you're the type of person who wants to make a big splash when you propose marriage to your significant other, a drop-off helicopter tour can be an enticing option. This is a very popular way to use this type of tour, which means that the tour company will likely be able to suggest some picturesque areas to drop you and your significant other off. This will not only make for a memorable proposal, but being dropped off for a short period of time in a remote location will ensure that you have privacy when you pop the question.

Photo Shoot

Another appealing way to use a drop-off helicopter tour is for a photo shoot. If you're a photographer who is always looking for unique and breathtaking backdrops for your photo shoots, a helicopter can get you to an area that you may not be able to reach with a vehicle. You can board the helicopter with your photography gear and the model you plan to photograph, and then snap a bunch of shots for a specific duration until the helicopter returns to pick you up.

Family Picnic

If you're looking for a unique destination for a family picnic, a drop-off helicopter tour can be the type of outing that your family remembers forever. Picnics at beaches and parks can feel repetitive, but working with your helicopter tour company to come up with an exciting drop-off spot for this family activity can make for an exciting meal that you're eager to share with your loved ones. You can pack your food and tell your children that you're planning to take them for a picnic, but not reveal that you'll be traveling to your picnic spot by helicopter. Contact a helicopter tour company to learn about drop-off helicopter rides.