5 Tips To Right-Size Your Group's Airport Transportation

18 May 2022
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The choice of transportation vehicles to or from the airport will help your group's travel either start out on the right note or the wrong one. How can you ensure that you get the former rather than the latter? Here are a few tips for airport vehicle size success. 

1. Remember the Luggage

Vehicle size for group trips isn't just about how many people fit in a car or SUV. Don't overlook the impact that luggage has on size needs. For instance, vehicles advertised as stretch vehicles may come with plenty of room for more people but no additional room for luggage. Even two sedans might seem equal until you discover that one has less room for bags. 

2. Don't Assume About Kids

Factoring in the effects children have on group size needs is complex. Small children may not take up much space, and they may have little or no luggage separate from their parents. On the other hand, they may need more space due to being fidgety or active. And the accessories needed for small kids may add significantly to your luggage tally. 

3. Err on Larger Sizes

If you're on the fence about vehicle size, go for the larger one. Even if you don't end up using all the available space, you'll have room for the group to relax and enjoy their ride. Squeezing in everyone and their bags like sardines won't make for a fun experience. The extra space also gives you flexibility that you won't have if you choose a smaller size. 

4. Expect People to Overpack

Have you asked your group members about the luggage they intend to bring? If so, don't rely solely on their estimations. Many people plan to pack lightly for a trip but end up with a lot more than they expected. Consider basing your transportation needs on the maximum airline baggage allowance per person. 

5. Don't Sacrifice Substance for Style

Many people heading off on a vacation, reunion, or other pleasure trip want to ride to the airport in style. And there's nothing wrong with this. But don't opt for upgraded style if it means sacrificing practicalities. A sprinter van may not be as much fun as a stretch limo, but it may be a better fit for your needs. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for right-sizing your group's airport rides? Start by meeting with an experienced car service serving your airport today. 

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