3 Reasons To Not Drive Your Car When Moving From The U.S. To Canada

14 May 2020
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If you are planning a move from the United States to Canada, you already have enough logistics to handle; moving your car doesn't have to be one of them. Instead of driving your car from your home in the United States all the way to Canada, you can hire an auto transport company to get your vehicles there.

Reason #1: Reduce Wear on Your Personal Vehicle

A cross-country trip from your home in the United States to your home in Canada, depending on where you live, can easily put thousands of extra miles on your vehicle. All those miles take away from the overall value of your vehicle.

When you hire an auto transport company to transport your vehicle, they will put your vehicle on a truck. They are not going to physically drive your vehicle or pull it behind a truck. They are going to put your vehicle on the auto transport truck, which will allow your vehicle to travel thousands of miles without sustaining thousands of miles of wear and tear.

Reason #2: Save You Time

Driving from the United States to Canada can be time-consuming. You have to factor in restroom stops, meal breaks, and gas breaks. Then you have to find nice hotels along the way to stay in, and you have to deal with border control and bringing your vehicle into Canada. This can take a lot of time.

When you ship your cars and pay a moving company to move your household goods to your new Canadian home, you can simply catch a flight to your new home, saving you lots of time. Your time is valuable, and you shouldn't have to give up multiple days of your life just to get your vehicle to your new home.

Reason #3: Save Money

Driving your own car across the United States, all the way through Canada to your new destination is not cheap. You will have to pay for gas, food, and lodging along the way. Once you calculate all the costs, you may find that the cost of shipping is more affordable than the cost to drive yourself to your new home.

This is especially true if you have multiple vehicles; to get multiple vehicles across the country, you would need another driver or two, and you would have to pay for cash, food, and lodging for each vehicle and driver. Shipping is much more economical on your wallet.

If you are planning a move to the United States to Canada, hire an auto transport company to transport your vehicles for you. This will reduce wear on your personal vehicle, save you time, and ultimately save you money as well. Contact someone near you for more information on U.S. Canada auto transport services.