How To Have A Better Experience With Your First Helicopter Ride

8 January 2020
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When you are traveling to a beautiful location, a helicopter is the best way to see everything there is to see. You'll have a full view unobstructed regardless of whether you are staying on an island or visiting the Grand Canyon. However, there are several things you'll want to do to make sure your helicopter ride goes as smoothly as possible.

Remember That Helicopters Are Safe

Don't be afraid to go on a helicopter flight. Helicopters are among the safest modes of travel, and there are fewer helicopter accidents than car accidents. The pilot is a professional who has flown for many hours under various weather conditions.

Choose Your Starting Point

Your starting point is an important part of your helicopter ride. A beautiful starting point can be part of the appeal. However, you'll also want to choose a location that is also easily accessible. Also, decide whether you will land at any point. It's much cheaper to have an all-air helicopter flight, but you may feel it is worthwhile to land the helicopter on a mountain to enjoy a picnic with a beautiful view.

Find Out How Much Space You'll Have

Find out how many seats will be on a helicopter. Most helicopters have six seats. Some riders are placed in the middle seats in the back, which provides less of a view than other parts of the helicopter. If you manage to get the helicopter all to yourself, you're more likely to have a great view. Many helicopter tour companies come with both a basic and deluxe helicopter package. The deluxe helicopter comes with more cabin space, which will make your ride more comfortable. 

Call the Operator Directly

You'll save the most money if you call the helicopter operator directly. A helicopter tour company will expect to be paid a commission. Also, make sure to book the helicopter as early as possible because this will typically save you more money. The earlier you fly, the cooler and calmer the air will be. This allows you to have better visibility. Also, it'll be less busy if you fly early.

Begin Your Trip Prepared

Pay attention to all of the safety instructions given by the helicopter pilot. Bring medication if you suffer from motion sickness. Also, make sure to wear dark clothing to reduce glare. When you are properly prepared, you'll have the best possible time during the helicopter tour.