Dump Trucks May Prove Better Than Other Options To Remove Refuse From A Home

7 August 2019
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When performing a massive gutting of a damaged home, the rotted debris has to go somewhere. Most local ordinances ban putting construction or other home-related refuse out in garbage cans. Considering the amount that must go out after, say, severe water damage, trash cans aren't enough. Renting a dumpster is one option, but others may discover a dump truck is preferable. With a dump truck, organized trips to drop off trash at refuse at the city dump becomes possible. And the dump truck might be much better than other options.

Dump Trucks vs. Dumpsters

After filling up a dumpster, you request the rental service take it away. The convenience factor is a plus, but don't expect to see an empty dumpster return three times per day. If you get the dumpster back by the end of the day or the first thing in the morning, you're back in business. Business, unfortunately, stays shut down until then. With a dump truck, more flexibility exists. You can take the refuse to the local municipal or private trash depository, empty the truck, and return home to repeat the process. Maybe you can do so more than once in a single day. Repeatedly filling and emptying the dump truck speeds up the completion time. And who wants to drag things out longer than necessary? The quicker all the discarded materials exit the home, the faster the renovation work may commence.

Dump Truck vs. a Cargo Van

The local car rental service probably has cheap cargo vans available. Going with a cargo van instead of a dump truck may prove problematic. Here are some things that you should think about:

  • Inadequate Space Concerns: The interior of a cargo van won't provide as much space as the back of a dump truck. Therefore, you won't be able to move as much material as efficiently as preferred. Timeliness becomes an issue here.
  • Interior Damage Worries: While durable, the interior of a cargo van isn't entirely appropriate to harm brick, wood, and other potentially damage-inducing refuse. Even packing up the waste might not provide necessary protections.​
  • Insurance Woes: Relying on any available comprehensive auto insurance might not be the best strategy if you cause interior damage. Filing claims means your insurance rates are sure to go up. And the settlement might be hefty if you wreck the van's interior. 

Dump trucks do provide a reliable means of removing discarded materials from a house. Sometimes, the means are better than alternative options. Companies like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc can help.