Hiring A Car Service For Your Next Event: Should You Go With Ride Share?

24 July 2018
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About to organize a wild night on the town? If you're planning a special event, you may want to consider the purchasing of a limo service or a car service. Though rideshare options are available, there are a few reasons why a car service is more predictable and, ultimately, more cost-effective.

Car Services Don't Have Surge Pricing

If you're relying on ridesharing, you may find yourself in a jam. During the peak hours, you can end up with "surge pricing." Prices can go up by as much as 500% and you won't know when it will go down again. Car services have static pricing that you can arrange ahead of time.

Car Services May Be Cheaper

A car service is rented by the hour, which means you can drive as much as you want within the amount of time you've booked the service for. Ride-sharing is charged by the ride, so you may need to pay multiple drivers if you're going from location to location. With tips, that adds up. 

Car Services Will Wait for You

Since a car service is being paid by the hour, the car service will usually just wait for you to call. That means that they're available the second you want to leave; that's important if you're on a tight schedule or trying to pack as much fun as you can in. A rideshare service is going to have to come to you, which could leave you waiting for some time. Car services like In Style Transportation often have enough drivers to always have someone available when you need them.

Car Services Are Definitely Available

In fact, a rideshare service might not just leave you waiting. A rideshare service may not show up at all. Rideshare services have specific coverage zones. You could travel out of that zone only to be unable to get picked up. You also could just be in a low volume zone, where no one is driving. With a pre-booked car service, you know you'll have someone to take you where you want to go.

Though ride-sharing services can seem convenient and easy, they can also be expensive and unreliable. If you have an important night out with your friends, you can eliminate a lot of the risk and guesswork by hiring a car service in advance. If you book a car service for a night out, it's likely to be less expensive than multiple ride shares, and even more fun.