Learn How To Help Your Employees Stay Safe After Your Company Holiday Party

21 December 2015
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When throwing a large company holiday party for your employees, it is important to think about their safety. You want to be sure that everyone can have a great time during the party, but you also want to be sure that they are as safe as they can be throughout the night. The following guide walks you through a few tips for keeping your employees safe for your next company holiday party.

Consider the Location

When choosing a location to throw the company party, you need to take a few things into consideration. Consider the parking near the building. You want to make sure that everyone can easily find a parking spot. Be sure the area is safe so that employees do not have to worry about someone breaking into their car while they are in the party. Also, be sure that the facility is located near a hotel so people can stay in the hotel rather than driving back to their home after they have been drinking.

Request Discounts on the Rooms

When you find a hotel near the facility, talk to the manager about possibly providing your company with a discounted rate on some of the rooms in the hotel. Some hotels will give you a discount when quite a few rooms are booked in advance. You can talk to your employees about the discounted rate the hotel is offering and see if any of them are interested. If they are, you can then contact the hotel again and have them set aside a specific number of rooms for your employees.

Hire a Shuttle Service

You do not want anyone to drive to the hotel after a night of partying, so hiring a shuttle service to the hotel is a great option. The shuttle service will make trips back and forth between the hotel and the party venue to ensure that guests can get things from their room or go back to their room to crash after a hard night of partying. The shuttle will be able to fit numerous people at one time, so people will not have to stand out in the cold waiting for the shuttle for very long.

Have Food and Beverages Available

Ask the hotel if you can display baskets in the lobby of the hotel with food and drinks for your employees to take up to their room once the party is over. Bottles of water, bags of chips, and even fresh fruit are all great options to have available for your employees.

Knowing how much you care about them will help your employees appreciate working for such a great company even more than they already do. Be sure to make the plans in advance as many hotels and shuttle services fill up very quickly with reservations during the holiday season.