Long Distance Grandparenting

5 June 2015
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Perhaps you are getting ready to move overseas and need to ship a few unusual things like your bowling bowl collection or a dozen of your prize roosters. You need to know exactly what kind of items are allowed to be shipped by air freight. Some truly odd "packages" have made it onto cargo planes, so your life-sized model of the Starship Enterprise may be no problem.  

Big Stuff

Some very large items that have traveled by air include a complete tennis court, part of the Titanic's hull, a piece of the Liberty Bell, and an entire Black Hawk Helicopter.  Chances are that anything you need to ship is not nearly as large, so, if you can pay the freight, you should be able to transfer your items to your new home.


Animals travel via air all the time, so shipping your dogs and cats is not a problem. Very large creatures have made air journeys, including two whale sharks that were flown from Taiwan to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006. They flew in 25,000-gallon tanks and had a medical team along to make sure they arrived in good health.

Passenger Planes

Of course, many things that can fly cargo may not be okay on a passenger plane. For instance, families trying to avoid the cost of shipping dead relatives have tried to sneak them on planes by putting them in wheelchairs. Evidently rigor mortis had not set in, but still, security noticed, luckily for their scheduled seatmates.

People have managed to check dead venomous snakes (live ones are not allowed), severed heads, and swords. In fact, you are allowed to check many unusual items, but most of them are not good choices for your carry-on bags.  In Australia, you are allowed to fly with your trusty boomerang by your side, but in the U.S., it has to go into the cargo hold. Fortunately, uses for the boomerang are limited when you are flying coach.

If you are moving overseas or just across the country, you will be able to ship almost any item you have via air freight. The company you use will have a detailed list of what items are allowed on their website, and you should be able to get a good idea about the expense involved online as well. Even if you need to ship a whale or two, you can find someone who is willing to undertake the task.