5 Reasons To Choose A Charter Flight For A Child With Asperger's

30 April 2015
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Planning ahead is an important aspect for any family that has a child with Asperger's. This type of planning can be heightened even more when the travel includes an airplane. Instead of going through the hassle of public airports, a family vacation or trip can be made a lot easier with charter flights.

There are five different benefits when choosing a private jet charter for your child with Asperger's syndrome.

Airport Avoidance

Large crowds, long waiting times, and extensive security checkpoints are just a few of the issues that could irritate a child with Asperger's when using public airports. There are many benefits to avoiding the airport altogether with a private charter:

  • Drive-Up Service. Drive right up to the plane and board it without stepping into the airport.
  • Avoiding Security Checkpoints. A child does not have to worry about taking off shoes or layers of clothes when boarding the private charter. If the child is sensitive to touch, he or she won't have to worry about security pat-downs.


Along with privacy from the airport, a family will get privacy on the charter. The cabin of the plane is yours to enjoy. On a traditional plane, it may be hard to get seating next to your child. For someone with Asperger's, a lot of anxiety can occur if they are forced to sit or interact with strangers. Instead, a private charter features only you and your family aboard the plane.


The symptoms of Asperger's can create problems. These symptoms can be exacerbated by tight spaces or crowded seats that are commonly found on a commercial airplane.

By choosing a private charter, the seats are spread out and a child has room to move and stretch around the cabin as needed. The child will not feel as restrained and can act more natural without unnecessary limitations.

Extra Items

Your child may have special blankets, toys, or books that they use through daily life. The use of a charter plane will allow a majority of these items on board. This can help relax the child while they enjoy the flight. It can help prevent outbursts or tantrums along the way.

Noise Elimination

The excess noise on a commercial flight can be completely eliminated during a private charter. Through special requests, you can eliminate any pilot messages and keep all noise to a minimum. This includes beeps, buzzes, and notifications. It will also eliminate extra noises from other passengers that can be highly irritating to someone with Asperger's. This includes cell phone noises, tablets, gaming consoles, and headphone noises.

By properly planning ahead, you have the ability to create the ideal flight for your child. There are many symptoms to Asperger's, and this is why a private flight can help you cater your child's needs.