3 Things You Might Not Know Your Bike Shop Can Do For You

27 April 2015
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Whether you've been riding bikes for years or just decided to purchase one to get back in the saddle, there are a few things you might not know about your local bike shop. Sure, you can find all sorts of makes and models of bikes for sale, but the service doesn't stop there. Here are three things you might not realize your bike shop can do for you after the sale is final.

Custom Fit Your New Bike for You

Most people realize that bike shops offer tune-up services, but they figure that happens much later down the line. The good news is that your bike shop can work with you from the moment you buy your bike to get it dialed into where you need it to be. They can adjust everything to get the bike to match your personal riding style, right out of the gate. Then, when you need adjustments later, they've got information about what they did and can assess what your bike needs to get back to that point.

Bring an Old Bike Back to Life

Found an old bike in Dad's shed, but you think it's a goner? Not so fast. Most bike shops offer tune-up services, but they can also completely overhaul a bike for you. What this can entail often results in rebuilding some parts of the bike and replacing other parts. Sure, some damage is beyond the help of even the most experienced bike techs, but you'd be surprised at what they can bring back to its glory days. The truth is, very few bikes are truly beyond repair altogether.

Assemble a Bike for You

This one seems pretty obvious, right? Of course they'll put a bike together for you, but probably only if you bought it there. Not the case. You ordered a bike online that your friend raved about, but when it got there, it was a lot more than just some assembly required. Your first try resulted in way too many extra parts, but your bike shop can help. They're experts at that sort of thing and they can get your new bike assembled and road ready in a fraction of the time it could take otherwise. And it will all be set up right.

No matter what you need to get your bike back in great condition, give your local bike shop a call. If you aren't sure that they provide a specific service, be sure to ask, since they might just surprise you. (For more information, contact Tri-A-Bike Inc or another company)