Transportation Careers: How Do You Become A Freight Broker?

3 April 2015
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Freight brokers work in an office environment and work with carriers that move freight and shippers that are shipping goods. Some of these interactions are done by trucking companies that work directly with shippers, while others go through freight brokers. As a freight broker, you will work in the transportation industry performing a variety of duties. A lot of your job is sales-related, where you are offering recommending of carriers for the shipping companies. As an intermediary, much of your job is in customer service, which includes handling phone calls and preparing paperwork. If this sounds like an interesting job to you, the following information about how to become a freight broker will be useful to you.

Required Education

The first step to becoming a freight broker is getting the right education. You should have at least a high school education, but preferably some college. Some freight broker companies will require you to have a bachelor's degree, so if you plan to go to college, this is something to think about. There are some freight broker companies that hire entry-level employees who have at least a high school diploma, or might require a two-year associate's degree.

If you plan to get a college degree to become a freight broker, choose a related major, such as transportation, logistics, or business. Your field of study should include project management, handling and distribution of materials, inventory, accounting, and business ethics.


There are also training programs available for people who want to be freight brokers. Some training programs provide you with a professional certification at the end, while others simply prepare you for this type of job. By getting on-the-job training, you will be fully prepared for the position you get hired for and you can increase your chances of being chosen among the different applicants. Training may or may not be required by companies hiring freight brokers, but it does help you learn the skills you need for this type of job.

Recommended Skills

There are certain skills you will need to possess in order to get a freight broker job, even after completing the required education and training. Important skills of any freight broker include having good customer service skills and being comfortable talking on the phone, problem solving skills, and critical thinking skills. You must also be skilled in the transportation field in general, along with being able to manage your time and negotiate with the shippers and carriers of goods. Additionally, you should feel comfortable with sales and marketing principles.

Freight brokers also need to have good computer skills, including typing skills, using various types of office equipment, and using industry software. For more information, talk to a freight broker training professional.