From Independent Cab To Limo -- Your Airport Transportation Options

23 March 2015
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Whether you are looking for the quickest, least expensive way to get you from Point A to Point B or are more interested in arriving at your destination in style, there are a number of available airport transportation options that may suit you. Read on to learn more about the various choices available, from least- to most expensive.

Public transportation

If you're flying into a large metropolitan airport, like LAX, JFK, or DCA, you may be able to navigate from the airport to your hotel by simply taking a subway or bus. In many areas that are heavily served by public transit, the transit times are even coordinated with plane arrival times to ensure that you'll always have transportation waiting when you de-board your plane. 

In order to make your trip as simple and streamlined as possible, check over the various subway routes before arriving at the airport. Many public transit systems have phone apps that will allow you to input your hotel's address and will tell you precisely which buses or subways to take and how long it will take you to arrive.

Shuttle bus

If you're staying in a hotel near or adjacent to the airport, there should be no need to take a private taxi -- in many cases, you'll be able to take a free or reduced-cost shuttle bus from the airport to your destination. These services vary by area, so be sure to look into this possibility before disembarking your plane.

Independent cab

Independent cab companies have been booming for the last few years and often offer a more convenient and less expensive alternative to traditional cab companies. Rather than operate under a medallion, like traditional cabs, independent cab operators use their own vehicle and operate on their own schedule -- reducing wait times and overhead costs.

To arrange transportation via an independent cab, you'll simply need to download the phone app of the cab company and schedule a pickup at the airport for a specific time. You'll be able to pay the cab operator using cash, credit, or an online payment method.

Traditional cab

A traditional cab is still the most popular choice in many destination cities, as evidenced by the line of available cabs parked outside most airports. If you're arriving at the airport during a peak time, you'll likely be able to almost instantly hail a cab and direct it to your destination.

These cabs generally charge by the mile, and most will charge an additional fee for time spent waiting in traffic or waiting on you to unload your belongings. 

Limo or towncar

If you'd like to arrive at your location in style, but don't feel like renting a luxury car to drive, you can still arrange to be transported from the airport in a limousine or luxury towncar. The airport concierge should be able to provide you with a list of available companies, and can make these arrangements for you after you've disembarked from the plane and while you're waiting for your luggage.

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