3 Tips to Help Your Keep Track of Taxi Rides & Expenses on Business Trips

19 March 2015
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If you find yourself on a business trip without a car, you will have to rely on taxis and cabs to get to your destinations. You should not have to pay for this expense yourself. Here are a few tricks for getting a cab and keeping track accurate track of your expenses so you can submit them for reimbursement later.

Trick #1: Call Ahead

Ask your hotel front desk what local cab company they recommend using. Then, sit down and take a look at your itinerary. Figure out when you will need transportation to and from specific events.

Next, call up the local cab company and see about arranging transportation for those events. Many cab companies (such as Independent Taxi) allow you to schedule specific pick-up times. It helps them determine where to send their drivers, and it helps you ensure that you are on time for all of your events.

Trick #2: Pay in Plastic

It can be hard to prove that you made a purchase when you pay with cash. If you have a business card, use it. If you do not have a business card, use your own personal credit or debit card for all your taxi rides. Nowadays, all taxi companies allow you to pay with plastic. If you can, try to tip with your card as well.

When you get back from your business trip, you can easily print out all of your taxi cab transactions you made with credit or debit card. That will make it easier to submit your reimbursement request to your company.

Trick #3: Ask For a Receipt

It is easy when you are in a hurry to forget this step. Always ask for a receipt before you get out of the cab. If the cab is equipped with a card reader, your driver should be able to print out a receipt for you.

Don't just throw that receipt into your pocket. That is one of the easiest ways to lose your receipt. Instead, you should bring along a small envelope or plastic baggie to keep in your purse or wallet. All business trip related receipts should go directly into the envelope or plastic baggie.

If you know that you are prone to losing receipts, you may even want to take a picture of the receipt with your smart phone. This will only take you a couple of extra seconds, but it could help you get reimbursed down the line if you end up misplacing the receipts for some reason.

Some companies may even allow you to enter in your email address so that you can have your receipt emailed to you.

When on a business trip, try to arrange for transportation ahead of time so you don't run late for any important meetings. Do everything you can to keep track of business related expenses that you can be reimbursed for later.